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Traveling to IPGO Brazil

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Patients (couples) who live in other countries can have the Fertilization Treatments in Brazil while staying most of the time in their own city. IPGO tries to schedule all the stages of the treatment (exams, medications, etc.) in a manner to lessen the time of stay in Brazil, if so desired. We understand the importance of the couple to maintain their professional and family routine; therefore, we try to optimize the couple’s time away from home. After all, life continues! We receive exams by fax, regular mail, or email. Even ultrasound reports can be sent by these means followed by our immediate reply. The recommendations, based on the results, can also be transmitted from a distance. All is done in an ethical manner without placing the risk of the patient’s well being or jeopardizing the result of the treatment.

Due to the large demand for assisted reproduction treatments, by patients outside of Brazil, IPGO has created this program to ease and guarantee these people access to the most modern techniques in this segment. Project “Baby Bag” follows a world-wide trend to contribute to the realization of everyone’s dreams independent of where they live. After all, the high cost of fertilization resulting from these sophisticated techniques makes many give up midway.

With globalization, the world became smaller and distances shorter. Brazil and IPGO follow the modern technology in all areas of medicine. The results of our treatments are identical and sometimes better than many of the Reproductive Medical Centers in other countries that are considered among the most important in the world. The rate of pregnancy at our institute for Assisted Reproduction treatments reaches up to 60%, a number which is considered outstanding. The big advantage for foreigners, besides great results, is the financial cost that can be favorable as a result of the country’s currency exchange rate policy. The value of the Brazilian currency conversion to the dollar has been very favorable for patients visiting from other countries.

Considered a point of reference in South America, the city of São Paulo attracts people from diverse places in search of technology and successful results in any area of medicine. Unfortunately, many of these people run into difficulties settling down and moving about São Paulo city. With this in mind, IPGO did more. Besides professional dedication and high technology, it created a support group for patients abroad that developed special packages which include accommodation, transportation, and leisure to facilitate the patient’s access to the clinic.
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IPGO works with the support of the Rubiatur travel agency that, in collaboration with us, studies the best way of bringing and receiving the patient. Therefore, each program is unique, taking into account the type of problem, distance, length of stay, and financial conditions. The accommodation, transportation, and other services are tailored to the patient’s profile.
When planning your consultation with us, it is important to bring the maximum amount of information possible.
We have listed some suggestions below:

1. An updated summary of all the medical consultations including recent lab exam results.
2. If possible, bring detailed medical records by the regular attending doctor (If this is not possible, it is not a problem).
3. A complete list of medications which you have taken during previous treatments, if applicable.
4. Name, address, and telephone numbers of all the doctors with whom you were treated by in your city or country of origin.


Corps Lazer Agência de Viagens e Turismo Ltda
The Corps Lazer travel agency takes care of all the details of your unique situation such as medical services and offers to all international clients services which include:

  • Personalized travels
  • Representatives in the main cities
  • A trained team to assist you in various languages
  • Accommodations with reasonable prices and near the clinic
  • Transfer services
  • 24-hour drivers
  • Touristic services

For more information:
Corps Lazer
Rua Alexandre Dumas, 1268 – Cj. 65 • CEP 04717-003 • São Paulo • SP
Phone: (55 11) 5180-6777 • Fax: (55 11) 5182-1561 (Ms. Ana Maria or Silvana)

Ana Maria Freitas Candelária – ana@corpslazer.com.br
Silvana Sena Pilão – silvana@corpslazer.com.br